pressure Washer

Best pressure Washer

Our pressure washer must be powerful so that it can work effectively. It needs to be able to work quickly. Nowadays, there are plenty of options available for pressure washer in different ranges. Power pressure washer should be able to operate smoothly without making our hands tired.

Stanley s HP 1600 electric power washer

This pressure washer is very easy to use and comes like a portable electric pressure washer. Its plus point is that it can deliver us 1600 PSI of power which we can easily adjust. It also have washer gun hand wash event through which we can have a fresh look by cleaning the dirt.


  • You can easily clean with it in your house without getting any problem.
  • You can clean trucks, furniture, cement, tools and many more things with it without getting any problem.
  • It includes many functions like nozzle lance, pressure hose which is 20 foot high, pressure washer gun. You will also get two year warranty in it and for facing any problem you can contact the customer support.

The Green works 1500 psi 1.2 GPM pressure washer

You will get a variety of functions in this pressure washer like it has a power of 1500 comes with a chord length of 35 feet and its whose length is 20 has a universal motor and you will also get on board tool storage in it. its first spray pattern is 25 degrees and second spray pattern is 40 degrees. You will have one year warranty with it. The product is made with quality and give you the maximum performance.


  • It comes which variety of functions like a spray gun and a spray wand which is one touch QC spray.
  • It also have a Siphon pump and telescoping Wand of 18 feet. It also has a turbo nozzle and an extension Wand.
  • Its rotation brush works effectively and precious soap applicator used to apply good amount of pressure.

Brass turbo nozzle

This power washers nozzle design gives you an amazing level of functionality for efficient cleaning soap applicator. The soap applicator gives you the ability to completely clean any surface whatsoever the pros are fast and efficient cleaning the 1500 psi design of this device allows you to clean just about anything quickly with no hassle at all less noise you will not have to about a lot of loud noise when using this pressure washer, which is always a good thing. No batteries unlike so many other power washers on the market this one doesn’t use any batteries that you will have to replace and for the connectors for the hose tends to leak a little something. When you start using this power washer, you will instantly notice just how powerful and effective it is. This is a great investment if you want the ability to clean anything quickly and easily.

Sun Joe SPX 3000 won

it is a very powerful tool and made for a variety of tasks that you can do by cleaning your equipment, cars, buildings, boards and many things. It will give you a good amount of power from its 1800 watt motor. It is an electric product and give 2030 of PSI power. You can clean oil stains, remove tar, clean mud from it. It has a detergent tank system which is removable and it will give you two types of detergent. You can select either of them. You also have an extension spray of 34 inch. The tool is a good dirt fighter and will remove all types of dirt. Its nozzles can easily go from high pressure area to low pressure area. It also has a power cord of 35 foot and high pressure hose of 20 foot and the trigger which works automatically.


  • You will get a 1800 watt of water and 1.76 gpm of power from it.
  • You will also have connect spirit tips in it which will easily carried away cleaning tasks.
  • It’s totally stop system will save energy automatically turning off the switch when not needed to work. It also have a detergent dual tank ok for different type of detergent storage.