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Our Objectives

HAVEit aims at significant improvement in terms of traffic safety and efficiency by three measures:

1. Development and validation of the next generation of ADAS  with an optimised task repartition between the driver and the highly automated vehicle, with higher level of automation compared to the current state of the art.

2. Optimum system joining and interaction between the driver and the co-system, by defining different degrees of automated driving, which will be selected according to the needs of the driving task.

3. Development and validation of a scalable and safe vehicle architecture that includes advanced redundancy management, in order to suit the needs of highly automated vehicle applications.

HAVEit integrates 7 advanced vehicle applications for both passenger cars and trucks aiming at enhanced safety and comfort as well as improved fuel efficiency.

These applications are categorised into two groups:

  • the Highly automated driving group.
  • the Safety architecture application group.

The highly automated driving group will implement solutions for:

  • Queue assistance
  • Construction site assistance
  • Temporary auto pilot
  • Active green driving

The safety architecture application group will present a migration concept and a demonstrator to show possible migration paths.

   HAVEit - Highly Automated Vehicles for Intelligent Transport