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  SP1000 - Integration Tasks
  Expected Results
  SP2000 - Safety Architecture implementation
  SP3000 - Joint driver - Co-pilot system
  SP4000 - Safety Architecture applications
  SP5000 - Highly Automated Driving


Horizontal Sub-Project 1000 covers the most important integration tasks of the project. HAVEit partners intend to cooperate closely for these integrating tasks. Three work packages have been defined to achieve the specified objectives:

Work-Package ID




Requirements and specification



Architecture definition



Optimization and validation


WP1100 will lead to a requirements document which will show the HAVEit commonly agreed function, module and component requirements, and a specification document, which will show the HAVEit specifications and the scenarios taken into consideration during the development and the validation phases. Derived from these requirements and specifications an architecture concept will be developed, which will be recorded in an architecture document. This document will show the commonly agreed overall HAVEit architecture including interfaces and protocols. In WP1300 the demonstration vehicles of WP5000 will be optimized and validated according to the findings of WP1100 and WP1200. The results will be described in a report.

   HAVEit - Highly Automated Vehicles for Intelligent Transport