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  SP1000 - Integration Tasks
  SP2000 - Safety Architecture implementation
  SP3000 - Joint driver - Co-pilot system
  Expected Results
  SP4000 - Safety Architecture applications
  SP5000 - Highly Automated Driving


The work of Sub-Project 3000 is arranged in three Work-Packages (WP) each one assigned with a specific task:

Work-Package ID Name Leader
3100 Co-pilot system INRIA
3200 Driver in the loop assessment WIVW
3300 Joint system design and validation DLR

WP 3100 builds up the Co-Pilot System for the SP 3000, starting with the sensor fusion, situation assessment and trajectory generation.  The Co-Pilot System prototype that will be developed provides a command vector that can be used either to drive the vehicles (strongly assisted mode or fully automated mode) or to provide information to the driver (lesser assisted modes).

WP 3200 collects all data about the driver and combines this to a global behavioral model of the driver’s performance level and its consequences for the automation levels.

WP 3300 Joint System design and validation is about the overall design, integration and validation of the generic joint system demonstrator and general principles. Focus points of the integration are the Mode Selection Unit (MSU) / Mode Selection Arbitration Unit (MSAU),  which generates the optimal selection of automation level by the outputs of the WP3100 / 3200, and the controllers that dependend of the automation level, feed the planned  trajectory to the vehicle actuators. Validation sites are simulators, especially the dynamic simulator of WIVW, and the demonstration vehicles, especially the DLR FAS-car of SP 4100.

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