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  SP1000 - Integration Tasks
  SP2000 - Safety Architecture implementation
  SP3000 - Joint driver - Co-pilot system
  SP4000 - Safety Architecture applications
  SP5000 - Highly Automated Driving
  Expected Results


The work of Sub-Project 5000 is arranged in four Work-Packages (WP). Each WP will include a demonstration vehicle in which the system will be integrated. The WPs include following;

Work-Package ID




Automated assistance in roadworks and congestion



Automated queue assistance



Temporary auto-pilot



Active green driving (energy optimizing co-pilot)


WP 5100: Automated assistance in roadworks and congestion (CAG)
This application aims at highly automated driver support in driver overload situations, in particular while driving through roadworks. Special challenges for automated driving through a construction site are narrow lanes and curves, ambiguous lane markers, changing speed limits and other vehicles driving closely beside. It should be mentioned that the automated roadwork assistance will also work outside of construction areas, e.g. in congestion situations.

WP 5200: Automated queue assistance (VTEC)
Automated queue assistance will support the driver in motorways by integrated longitudinal and lateral control. The level of automated control will be continuously adapted based on the state of driver, vehicle and environment. The main purpose of the automated queue assistance is to relieve the driver of the monotonous tasks associated with driving a truck in low speeds and in congested traffic situations (driver under load situation).

WP 5300: Temporary auto-pilot (VW)
This application aims at higher degree of automation and on safety. The temporary autopilot system to be developed will integrate three different levels of functionalities: Pilot functionality (hands-off driving), e.g. driving in a traffic jam, assisted driving (hands-on driving, driver in the loop), i.e. driving in normal traffic mode, e.g. driving when traffic jam terminates and intervening safety functions, e.g. driver initiated emergency braking.

WP5400: Active green driving (VTEC)
In Active green driving applications the fuel consumption and efficiency can be improved by using environmental information such as e-Horizon, forward looking sensors and dynamic traffic information. With this information the power split between the combustion engine (ICE) and the electric motor can be adapted to use the energy storage in the most efficient way.

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