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  SP1000 - Integration Tasks
  SP2000 - Safety Architecture implementation
  SP3000 - Joint driver - Co-pilot system
  SP4000 - Safety Architecture applications
  SP5000 - Highly Automated Driving


The HAVEit work plan has been set up to consequently work towards the achievement of all objectives. According to the clusters defined, 3 horizontal sub-projects SP1000 (integrating challenges), SP2000 (safety architecture implementation) and SP3000 (optimum task repartition in the joint system driver and co-pilot system) have been built. Two vertical sub-projects SP4000 (safety architecture applications) and SP5000 (highly automated driving in public traffic) will cover the application challenges. These 5 sub-projects will be accompanied by SP6000 dealing with project management tasks, links to other projects as well as with legal and homologation issues.

View the work plan.

   HAVEit - Highly Automated Vehicles for Intelligent Transport