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  Highly automated vehicles for intelligent transport: HAVEit approach

Highly automated vehicles for intelligent transport: HAVEit approach
Highly automated driving becomes more and more the new research challenge in the automotive fields all over the world. A number of initiatives have already been tackling issues related to this. This paper describes HAVEit, a new EC funded Integrated Project under the 7th framework program, aiming at the realization of the long-term vision of highly automated driving for intelli­gent transport. The project is the biggest initiative taken in this area in Europe and will develop, validate and demonstrate important intermediate steps towards highly automated driving. The results are expected to offer a high potential for exploitation within a 3 to7 years time horizon after HAVEit project end. In the long term these HAVEit results also form the ideal basis to integrate further generations of ADAS and drive-train components that offer the next step of highly automated functio­nalities. HAVEit will significantly contribute to higher traffic safety and efficiency for passenger cars, busses and trucks, thereby strongly promoting safe and intelligent mobility of both people and goods.

   HAVEit - Highly Automated Vehicles for Intelligent Transport